What is Flask’s Logo?

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In the last three PyCon China (2018~2020), I tried to repeat three times to clarify a very common misconception about Flask’s logo:

But recently I found that I’m using a new misconception to replace the old one… I always thought Flask’s logo is a container for gun powder made from animal horns (i.e. powder horn), but it is actually a container for drinks (i.e. drinking horn).

Here is Flask’s logo:

Flask: web development, one drop at a time

because of its shape, many people think that Flask’s logo is a pepper:


however, it’s obviously more like a powder horn based on its appearance:

powder horn

Although it looks like a powder horn, consider the hidden relationship between its name and WSGI (usually pronounced as whiskey, also think about the Bottle framework, they are all Python frameworks to hold the whiskey/WSGI), and the slogan “one drop at a time” in its slogan, it’s actually a drinking horn:

drinking horn

This time, I won’t make mistake again, because I have confirmed it with Armin Ronachor (Flask’s author):

Armin Ronachor: it was supposed to be a drinking horn.

By the way, the organization behind the Flask and related projects is Pallets. Pallets’ logo is a wooden-made container for transporting goods in the EU (wiki). There is a pun here: ship software with pallets.