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Hi, my name is Grey Li, my Chinese name is 李辉 (Li Hui), and my regular network ID is greyli. I’m a web developer and technical writer from China. I enjoy programming, writing, and speaking.

I’m a maintainer of Flask, APIFlask, and related Python open-source projects, the creator of HelloFlask Community, and the author of Python Web Development with Flask and Flask for Beginners, and a Microsoft MVP in Python category. 

You can find me on GitHub or Twitter, and my Email is withlihui@gmail.com. Feel free to get in touch with me whether you want to discuss programming or just say hello.

I start to write the blog in Chinese in 2015 at my Chinese blog. As a way to practice my English, I will try to write something different here or translate some articles from my Chinese blog. Feel free to leave a comment if you find something interesting or catch a grammar issue.

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